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About Us

Lumerit Education began in a garage in 2004. 12 years ago, Lumerit’s three passionate founders shared this common belief:

Cp mission hero

College should be the door that allows students to launch into the real world. It should prepare students to run headlong into whatever life throws at them.

These friends and innovators set out to create a new model for the modern bachelor’s degree.

What they created was a combination of little-known college “hacks” supported by skilled mentorship. Their goal was to create a program entirely focused around the student’s unique purpose and passions.

And it worked.

That one idea eventually outgrew the garage and has since become a global movement serving more than 11,000 students from all 50 states and 22 countries around the world.

We are Lumerit Education, proud developers of the revolutionary self-directed bachelor’s degree program, Unbound.

What if you could earn credit from sources outside of your college (saving thousands of dollars) and still graduate from your dream school?

What if you didn’t have to cross your fingers and hope all your credits will transfer to a university? What if you could skip community college altogether?

What if you could build your college plan before enrolling in your target school?

This is what our flagship educational system, Unbound, was built to do.

Unbound puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to build your ideal college experience. Debt free. We do this by unbundling the bachelor's degree and giving you control over how and when you earn and pay for college credit.


Build a customized degree plan that fits your budget.


Take flexible college courses that fit your schedule.


Graduate in 2-3 years with no debt.

You tell us which college you want to graduate from. We build a plan that fits you, using our catalog of over 30,000 courses.

Instead of spending 6 years in classrooms (yes, most traditional college students finish in 5-6 years), wasting time and racking up huge student loans, we help you earn flexible, cost effective credit in record time (fewer than 4 years in most cases).

And unlike community colleges and other institutions that allow you to earn “affordable” transfer credit, we help you build your entire plan before you take a single course. This ensures all your credit will transfer properly.

On average, we save students $10,000 or more through this process.

When everything is all said and done, the average cost of a degree through Unbound comes out to about $25,000.* That’s approximately $208 per credit.

See if you can beat that price anywhere.

*Degree costs vary based on degree choice, graduating college, choice in study material, and many other factors. Since we try to save each student as much as possible, these prices widely differ. To learn how much your degree will cost, and how much we can save you, get a free quote.

Cp team

Most of the Lumerit team is made up of Unbound alumni. We’ve been through the program, and we know it works.

Our base headquarters is in sunny (and hot) San Antonio, TX, where winter comes late and summer lasts for 9 months of the year. If you call in to enroll, get help with a course, or have an academic consultation, you’ll be chatting with one of the fine San Antonians in our home office.

The rest of our team is a lot like our students—independently working across all 50 states. These special people are our coaches, who tirelessly mentor students through a truly self-directed and personalized educational experience.

Together, we create a community of dedicated individuals not unlike our student body. We make up one big, close-knit family, working hard and playing harder. (Don’t get between our Research team and a volleyball.)

If you’re interested in joining our steadily growing team, click here to see if we’re hiring! Or if you just want to come meet us in person, look us up! We love meeting students and friends and giving tours of our office.

And of course, if you’re interested in taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity that this hard-working team brings to life...

Become a Unbound today.