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6 Best Cyber Monday Deals for College Students

Abigail Endsley
Abigail Endsley

November 26, 2018

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Cyber Monday Deals

If anyone needs to save money this holiday season, it’s college students. While not everyone needs $100 off Switch (no matter behind we feel for not having one), we’d all benefit from a more affordable education. Here are 6 great Cyber Monday deals to help you knock some $$$s off your college expenses this year.

1. $60 Instant Pot (7-in-1 multi-cooker)

Instant Pots can make anything from hard-boiled eggs to cheesecake. These multi-functional cookers are perfect for saving space in an itty bitty kitchen. Part slow cooker, part rice cooker, and part pressure cooker, part yogurt maker… this bad boy will keep you from living off of ramen noodles and microwaved water. You can steam vegetables and make stew on any counter with an accessible electrical outlet! Now only $59.95

2. 25% off Keurigs

Want to save money AND fuel your pretest all-nighters? Today is your lucky day. Everything on Keurig’s website is 25% off. Hipster pretense can take the backseat when you’re halfway done studying and it’s 1 AM. That cool coffee shop with the vintage TV fish tank won’t be open, but Keurig is always there for you.

3. 85% off an Unbound Course

These courses are regionally accredited and guaranteed to transfer to the college you want to graduate from. With 40+ courses to choose from, Unbound allows you to study at your own pace and are guaranteed to transfer to the college of your choice. Get your first course for just $97. Check out Unbound.

4. Up to $70 off Fitbits

When (not if) you get 3 hours of sleep before the midterm, it’s really nice to know how much of that was quality sleep. Fitbits are up to $70 off today. With this handy-dandy device, you can keep track of your steps, heart rate, workout activity, and it even tells time.

5. 70% off Adobe Suite Subscription

Want to create some noteworthy memes of your professor? Make yourself look swole(er) in your gym selfie? Adobe’s entire suite of powerful digital tools—including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator—are going for $15.99/month until November 30th. This is a great way to build some serious creative skills while you’re earning your degree.

6. Samsung 860 Evo SSD

If your laptop isn’t rocking a solid state drive already, this is a must. Not only are solid state drives safer for laptops (no rapidly spinning disks), but they’re also over FIVE times faster. If you have a laptop from the last few years with lackluster performance, an SSD will give your computer new life.

This 500GB model is only $72.99 today, and it’s one of the highest rated drives on the market. Make sure to read an installation guide first so you know what you’re doing!

Want to keep saving money all year long? Unbound can help you knock thousands of dollars off your college tuition while pursuing a flexible college experience, customized to you. Imagine planning classes around your schedule instead of the other way around, studying from anywhere, and graduating debt free.

That’s Unbound. Click here to learn more.

Abigail Endsley
Abigail Endsley

A former student counselor and Unbound student, Abigail is passionate about empowering others to achieve their goals. When she’s not dreaming with her friends, you can find her reading or singing Broadway songs. Loudly.

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