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17 Things You Learn in the First Year of Living on Your Own

Taryn Austgen
Taryn Austgen

May 27, 2016

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After saving, looking at your budget, cutting expenses, and saving some more, you can finally get your own place. Hooray! Let adulting begin!

You sign your lease, get your keys, move in your few belongings and then…

You realize every day is a learning experience.

1. Food goes bad very quickly.

And it’s hard to figure out if food has gone bad without Mom’s super sniffer around…

2. It feels amazing to make a gourmet dish that’s edible.

Rachael Ray has nothing on you!

3. Stains are a pain.

And the laundry fairy doesn’t exist.

4. Bed times matter.

So do mattresses. Invest in a good one. See #5

5. It doesn’t pay to be cheap.

Frugal? Yes. But not cheap. You’ll end up buying 3 cheap can openers instead of 1 good one. #beentheredonethat

6. Grown up things like paying bills and choosing health insurance are WAY more complex than they seem.

Pro tip: Budget time for “life upkeep.” It takes much longer than you ever thought it would.

7. You are NOT as mature as you thought you were.

8. Ordering pizza is a great last resort for those crazy days, but it can’t be a regular part of your lifestyle.

9. You’re a lot more like your parents than you thought.

10. You can find anything you need at Ross.

11. You can’t get out of chores.

12. BUT you can make chores fun!

13. Some days you just need to do nothing.

And that’s okay.

14. You really don’t need much to be happy.

15. Your relationships change.

You don’t see your family every day anymore, so you have to be intentional about staying involved in their lives. You now have a roommate that you want to build a relationship with. Priorities change and can be difficult to navigate. But you figure it out and make it work.

16. You get to experience life with roommates.

There are roommate horror stories and roommate amazing stories. When you lived at home, Mom and Dad declared how things were done. Now that you have two people with different expectations living under the same roof, you have to work it out. Is it okay to leave dishes in the sink or no? Learning to live with someone other than your family takes some work, but it forces you to grow, mature, and put people ahead of yourself.

17. Things might be tough, but you don’t want it any other way.

Bring on year two!

Taryn Austgen
Taryn Austgen

Taryn is a lover of learning, great literature, a Capella music, writing, and singing and dancing wherever she goes. A California girl at heart, she now calls Texas home.

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