CollegePlus provides personalized higher education solutions for homeschool families

Discover your purpose in life, create your degree plan, learn how to learn, earn credits quickly and efficiently while having the flexibility to work, travel, intern, and experience life, transfer your credits into a partner college, finish up your remaining classes online or onsite, and graduate with an accredited bachelor's degree. Final step? Launch into life with the credentials and skills to pursue your life calling.

How CollegePlus Works

The CollegePlus Bachelor’s Degree Program offers academic coaching, life purpose discovery, study skills courses, degree navigation and customizable courses to aid students in their degree earning process.

Through the degree earning process, we create a customized plan to help each student reach their goals.

Exclusive study aids such as our LearningNetwork, study skill tools and study guides help students retain more of what they learn even while cutting down on the amount of study time.

With CP Navigate and the degree consultation, students are guided through selecting a major and creating a degree plan custom designed to help each student meet their goals. With our CP and Leadership courses, students are enabled to earn credit based on their schedule and customized degree plan.

CollegePlus Benefits and Features:

LearningNetwork: Online flash-card system designed to help students learn essential subject information quickly.

Coaches: Help students prepare for life, by connecting their degree to the bigger picture of life beyond college.

Navigate: As they begin their studies, students are guided through CP Navigate, to discover their life calling, and, with the help of their coach, develop a strategy for living out that calling.

Degree Consultation: Consultants go to the ends of the earth to find ideal courses and create customized plans based on each student’s preferences and goals.

Study Skills: Dynamic Memory, Speed Reading, and Critical Thinking study skills courses teach students how to effectively process information; allowing for maximum retention of key information.

CollegePlus and Leadership Courses: Custom crafted courses provide students with flexible learning opportunities from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Dual Credit for Homeschoolers

Through CollegePrep, homeschool students ages 14-18 are equipped to earn 12 college credits and 2 high school credits in one semester. In addition to earning college and high school credit, students develop college level study skills and a love of learning.

Intrigued? Here’s how it works:

Collegiate Consulting

To begin your CollegePrep journey, a Collegiate Consultant will meet with you (phone consultation) and discuss your student’s dual credit plan. Upon determining your student’s academic strengths, your consultant will build a plan for integrating CollegePrep into your high school curriculum. As your student wraps up their semester, the Collegiate Consultant will contact you a second time to discuss next steps.

High School Navigator

Including tutorial videos and a high school transcript template, High School Navigator is an interactive guide. Designed with homeschool families in mind, the planning guide is an excellent tutorial for planning templates of CollegePrep students.

Accountability Mentoring

A feature not often found in college preparation programs, CollegePrep provides students with an Accountability Mentor, following the collegiate consultation. Accountability Mentors work one on one with students to guide and motivate them to success.

Primary responsibilities of the mentor are:

1) Student accountability - Mentor holds student accountable for goal setting and progress, and ensures students successfully complete the necessary steps to earn dual credit.

2) Growth and self-discipline - Accountability mentors encourage students toward becoming self-disciplined and self directed learners. Student growth and maturity are goals of the mentoring relationship.

Study Skills and Exam Preparation

Students are given access to a free critical thinking course. By assessing students’ reasoning strengths and weaknesses, the self paced, online course equips students to think on a college level. Ultimately, the course helps students develop higher level thinking skills, which enables them to pass their college level exams.

College-level Exams

Students are prepared to take their first CLEP exam after approximately 8 weeks of study. To prepare for their exam, students work with their Accountability Mentor to create a study strategy and utilize the LearningNetwork to gain a thorough understanding of the subject content. Most students gain 6 college credits per CLEP exam. In most states, 6 college credits equate to one high school credit.


When students reach the end of their CollegePrep studies, they will take a final CLEP exam. Upon successful completion, most students have earned 12 college credits and 2 high school credits. It’s likely your student will also demonstrate a greater level of motivation and self discipline, as well as a heightened love of learning.