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Freedomship Story – Stephen's quest for life experience and academic validation:

The Goal: Earn a Bachelor's degree while gaining life experience.

The Challenge: Stephen realized the traditional college system would hold him back from reaching his goal. So he took a future-focused approach to higher education that directly connected everything he was learning to fulfilling his life purpose.

The Result: Watch Stephen's video interview to see his inspiring story.

An important and timely message about 'Freedomship' education:

Each year, thousands of young people who were home educated get on the conveyor belt for the first time as they embark on a four year journey that will cost a staggering sum of money. I'm talking about college.

Freedomship education can start now

The term “Freedomship Education," coined by Andrew Pudewa, can be defined as the act or process of imparting, acquiring, or developing the character, knowledge, and skills necessary for being or remaining free.

Unlike conveyor belt education, freedomship education is about self-directed learning, choosing the path you want to walk, and maintaining the flexibility to make wise choices for your children.

Specifically, homeschoolers ages 15-18 can experience freedomship education by earning high school and college credit for the exact same course. In fact, your students that have used curriculum from the Institute for Excellence In Writing may be academically prepared to pass collegiate-level exams they can take now and earn college credit.

Connect with CollegePlus and let them guide your homeschooler through the process of earning college credit for knowledge and information you have so carefully imparted to them.

We live in a day and age in which creative alternatives to higher education must be utilized, so I encourage you to take the next step by submitting a free/no obligation application to CollegePlus, especially if you have homeschooled children ages 15-18.

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