Welcome friends of Patriot Academy! If you’re looking for more information about how to shave years of time and tuition off your student’s path to a high quality degree, you’re in the right place.

We believe in the vital importance of raising up a generation of leaders who will dramatically, and positively, impact our nation's culture. That's why we are excited to partner with Rick Green and Patriot Academy!
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About CollegePlus

CollegePlus is a Christian company that creates customized dual credit and Bachelor's degree programs for students, based on their personality, learning style, and life purpose, then integrates personal coaching and mentoring to empower students to reach their educational and life goals, without the time constraints and debt burden of traditional college.

Testimonies & Endorsements

"I see the exceptional quality of CollegePlus students every year at Patriot Academy. In full control of their education, CollegePlus students take advantage of the program's flexibility, affordability, and accountability to graduate ready to achieve extraordinary things. CollegePlus is the total package and they have my full endorsement."
— Rick Green, Founder of Patriot Academy and Former Texas State Rep.

"For me, CollegePlus was an affordable and flexible way of earning my degree. Patriot Academy was an effective means of learning about the principles of government while developing relationships with the people I need to know to be successful. The combination of the two has tremendously helped get me started in my mission of being a positive influence in government."
— Jon David Bruegel, Patriot Academy Student