• spending three exciting days next April at a beautiful retreat center surrounded by the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.
  • sitting next to a crackling fire and learning from Dr. Jeff Myers in person.
  • building relationships with fellow leadership-minded students.
  • getting a certification that counts toward your degree and empowers you with techniques to successfully motivate your friends, church, and community to be more effective.
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A special video message from Dr. Jeff Myers

Leadership Learning & Execution is the third and final course in the Signature Leadership Series. It's your chance to interact face to face with Dr. Myers and your fellow Unbound students in the mountains of Colorado.

It fits right in with the other Signature Courses to complete a Certification you can use on your resume to help set yourself apart from the competition, and to be the change your world desperately needs.

Leadership Learning & Execution

Deadline January 15, 2018.

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In dynamic small group interactions, coaching sessions, and Q&A times, you'll be able to round out your leadership skills and prepare to be the kind of breakthrough leader your world needs.

Leadership Learning & Execution is the final stage of your leadership training. It focuses on how you can cultivate those around you into leaders, how to coach others to effective decision-making, and how to establish your own board of directors.

The Event


YMCA of the Rockies Retreat Center
Estes Park, Colorado

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Event Experiences

  • Coaching practicums with Dr. Myers
  • Small group discussion sessions
  • Meal times and networking with other students
  • Discussion of what you've learned in your courses so far
  • Problem-solving sessions
  • Fireside Q&A with Dr. Myers

March 20-24

Deadline January 15, 2018.

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The Course

Course Topics

  • A Hebrew understanding of wisdom
  • How to identify a wise counselor
  • Coaching in the organization
  • Coaching: listening skills, asking good questions, helping others set goals
  • How Jesus mentored his disciples
  • Working together in spite of generational differences
  • Diagnosing and solving leadership problems

Leadership Learning & Execution

How does one grow wise as a leader?

In this course, Dr. Myers will answer this question by exploring the Hebrew definition of wisdom, in addition to the best practices for effective mentoring and execution of strategic plans. You’ll be given an opportunity to put your leadership skills to the test as you develop a relationship with a mentor and begin mentoring others.

As a unique addition to this course, you'll have the opportunity to attend three and a half days of training with Dr. Myers in person!

February 12 – April 28

Deadline January 15, 2018.

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Course Cost Breakdown


Leadership Learning & Execution course taught by Dr. Jeff Myers (traning event sessions included).


Discounted price for housing and meals. Student is responsible for transportation to and from event location.



Deadline January 15, 2018.

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How do the course dates work?

The course runs from February 12 to April 28, 2018. Within the course dates, the on-site capstone takes place from March 20-24 in Estes Park, Colorado. The on-site portion of the course is focused on everything that can't be done virtually. We'll have fireside Q and A sessions, coaching training and practice, and hands-on practicum that you'll do with fellow classmates.

Who can attend?

You may attend if:

Who can earn the certification?

The certification is open to anyone who has completed all three Leadership Courses. To register for the third course, you need to have taken (or be taking) at least one Leadership Course.

When should I plan to arrive?

Please contact us for details prior to making travel arrangements.