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Leadership training is important to us, not only for the future of our country, but because we know that getting young people involved in a meaningful way at an early age is strategically important to their future. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with TeenPact!

About CollegePrep

Are you ready get a jump start on college?

As a college student, having strong Critical Thinking and Study Skills will give you an edge in any crowd. No matter where you decide to attend school. CollegePrep offers you a chance to earn transferable college credits while training you to be a Critical Thinker and focusing on Goal Setting and Study Skills . Along the way you’ll be partnered with an experienced Academic Mentor who will hold you accountable on the road to success. Not only will this give you a head start on your college journey, but with flexibility in your schedule you’ll be able to pursue internships, relationships and other responsibilities. Experiences that are important to you!

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Testimonies & Endorsements

“College and High School Credits at the same time”
"I began at the age of fifteen, and I was able to earn high school and college credit at the same time. And now one year later I have 42 college credits and have received special admissions to a college to complete my Pre-Med degree, which I am scheduled to finish before my eighteenth birthday!"
— Hannah M, CollegePrep Student

“Way more than just Dual Credit”
"CollegePrep did much more than just help me earn 12 college credits. Because of CollegePrep I am now prepared to master any topic. My Accountability Mentor was informative, helpful, and a godly leader. CollegePrep sent me down the productive road of dual credit, and now in CollegePlus, I've accumulated 36 college credits while still in high school."
— Skip G, CollegePrep Student

“Planning on being a Doctor”
“Over the past several months I’ve been able to earn 21 college credits. CollegePrep was the best option because it gave me Dual Credit now while I’m still in high school, while teaching me valuable principles of Goal Setting which help me pass every test. Thanks to CollegePrep I’ve received a head-start on my goal of becoming a Doctor.”
- Elliot S, CollegePrep Student