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As you may have noticed, we’ve been doing some redecorating lately.

CollegePlus has always been about helping students make the most of college (and doing so in the most affordable way possible).

And we’ve done that. We helped over 11,000 students find their purpose, earn their degree, get into grad school, and gain valuable life experience, all while avoiding debt and wasted time.

But as we looked around the foundation we built 12 years ago and considered the changing landscape of higher education, we decided it was time for a new coat of paint, some bright new curtains, and nice rearranging of the furniture.

And you’re going to love the result.

You did!

In 2004 we started helping students earn their bachelor’s degrees for a fraction of the cost of traditional college. We did this by introducing our students to CLEP and how to earn flexible, transferable credit.

Since then we have gone through a multitude of changes, inspired by student feedback and the changes taking place in higher education.

We added a leadership component with the help of Dr. Jeff Myers. We increased the effectiveness of our coaching by cross training our coaches in academic and life coaching. And we added our Student Life department to build and cultivate a truly epic student community. We’ve also supported new projects like APEX (CollegePlus’s national student conference), which is looking forward to its third year this September.

Our goal throughout all of these changes was to help students launch into life without the financial baggage of college debt and with the credentials and experiences they needed to be successful.

We took care to ensure each new change we made improved the program’s effectiveness and the student experience.

But we needed to do more.

Since early 2015, we have been quietly going through another transformation. Our parent company, Global Learning Resources, rebranded to Lumerit Education, setting the stage for dramatic growth and new opportunities in higher education.

After renaming GLR, we took a step back and asked ourselves what it would look like to truly reimagine the college experience. How do we create a program that seamlessly fits into the busy lives of our students without sacrificing the cost savings, leadership development, and student community of our current program?

We spent the next year and a half building that program.

It’s a whole new way to earn your degree.

With Unbound, powered by Lumerit Scholar ™, you get the very best of the features we’ve developed over the past 12 years. You get customized degree planning with an Academic Advisor, connection to our Student Life Community, and the unlimited credit-by-exam support we’ve been providing since day one. You get the option of regular calls with our Academic Life Coaches and enrollment in our Signature Leadership Courses.

But now all these fantastic features (and some new ones!) have been combined into three tiers of service— Flex, Standard, and Unlimited.

With these three unique packages, you can choose the level of enrollment that best fits your schedule and budget.

It’s all about you.

Whether you choose to work on your degree part time or full time, whether you want to pack your degree full of online courses or only take a few, whether you’re an independent student who only wants occasional coaching or someone who works best with a mentor watching your back, we’ve got the plan for you.

And the best part? Each service tier is directly tied to the amount of credit you can expect to earn.

Check out the three levels of service in more detail by clicking below.

Espresso maker

For the highly motivated student who wants to graduate in 2 years or less.

Learn More
French press

For the education-focused student who wants to make active progress on their degree.

Learn More

For the student who leads a busy life and only has a few hours a day to study.

Learn More

We realized it was time for a change back in 2015. Our team was growing and our company was just beginning to realize the potential for us to reach even more students through educational partnerships with big companies like UPS, Chick-fil-A, and powerful educational partners like Pearson and Knowledge Elements.

As we grew, we began the process of rebranding our parent company, Global Learning Resources. We needed a new name. A better name. Something that captured our vision for the future of education, not just college. Something that would stand out in the educational landscape.

Let’s talk about each component of this new name.


Hiring an outside branding agency helped us boil down exactly what we wanted in our name. We wanted something that was descriptive, yet memorable. Precise, serious, with a hint of fun lingering beneath the surface.

We wanted something that would accurately describe our students and the bright future we help them unlock.

After months of brainstorming, discussion, and some passionate disagreement, we finally settled on a name we thought would best serve us and our students in the future:

Lumerit Education


Illumination + Merit

It’s an expression of what we want to offer: both the enlightenment that comes from a solid education and the credentials our students need to reach their unique goals.

And in the past year and a half since our company name privately changed, the entire CollegePlus—or should we say Lumerit—team has assumed this new title with pride and a renewed vigor toward our mission.

...Scholar Unbound

Then it came time to start thinking about a name for our legacy product, CollegePlus. A product built on hard work and focused, active study versus the “passive learning” of a traditional classroom. This name also had to be something descriptive, and something our students could identify with.

And while we were busy exploring a new name and identity for our parent company, our Director of Student Life, Jonathan Brush, was out connecting with some of our most passionate students. He asked them about the CollegePlus name and how they view it in light of their personal experiences.

He was overwhelmed by the feedback that the name did not accurately represent our student’s experiences.

So, Unbound was a natural replacement.

And it didn’t take long for our students to begin proudly announcing to the world that they are Lumerit Scholars.

We know you—our modern students—lead busy, extraordinary lives. We know you want to merge college and adventure. We know you need a program to fit college into your life, not the other way around.

CollegePlus, while useful and unique, was just what its name implied. College plus some.

Unbound is something different. It’s college according to your lifestyle. College free from debt. College when you want, where you want. College without a classroom. College that bends to your schedule and not the other way around. But, the reality is that Unbound is a community of like minded learning, thinkers, dreamers and doers. Our student body is among the highest achieving groups of student anywhere in the US.

Employers are actively searching for talented students who figured out how to get their degree in less time, with NO DEBT, while at the same time pursuing their passions and talents.

Truly… Unbound is what you are: Unbound. Free. Unburdened from the traditional methods of higher education.

What does the future look like?

12 years ago, our students were just looking for an alternative to college. Something that would help them get their degree, but also offered them the freedom to experience more.

But the 2016 student is very different from the 2004 student. And they have more freedom than a college student in 2004 ever did.

So we’re excited to set aside the name CollegePlus and its one path to an affordable degree in order to fully embrace Unbound, powered by Lumerit Scholar ™ and the future of higher education. And to bring a new truly personalized learning experience to our non-traditional students.

Welcome to Unbound.